July 2019 Webinar REPLAY:

Troubleshoot Your Period Problems

with Alisa Vitti
Tuesday, July 9th @ 8pm EST

Did you know that the color of your period can tell you a lot about your overall health? 


For example, if your period starts off dark with a chocolate-brown hue and clots, it means that your menstrual flow is stagnant and your progesterone levels are low. 


If it’s light red or pink, it’s a sign that you’re not making enough estrogen. 


And just like the color of your period, symptoms like mood swings, heavy bleeding, PMS and cramping are all indicators of whether or not you’re on the road to hormonal chaos. 


But how do you know what your symptoms mean and what to do to treat them? 


If you ask your doctor, you’re likely to get the usual band-aid solutions:


- OTC meds (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) to get rid of pain

- Hormonal birth control (e.g, the Pill, the Nuva Ring, implants) to manage symptoms

- Surgery or other invasive procedures for serious issues


There is better (and more natural) way to address all of your period symptoms. One that gets to the root cause of the issue and stops it for good!


Let me show you how to Troubleshoot Your Period Problems. 


In this master class, I will cover:  

- Why you’re getting PMS, cramps, heavy bleeding, irregular or missing periods, etc. 

- Which symptoms and signs to be aware of - and which ones point to more serious issues

- The steps to take to address them from their underlying causes


It’s all connected…  you are a rhythmic, cyclical and creative being. Understanding the state of affairs with your period will give you great insight into your hormonal health and your well-being in all areas of your life. 


It’s taken me years of experimenting to discover the exact system that has helped me put my cramps, bloating, PMS, cystic acne and mood swings into remission for good. 


Let me show you how to use it to get easier, more predictable periods and feel great all month long.




Love & Ovaries


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See what others are saying about the FLO protocol:



“I signed up even though I was afraid and had my doubts. I felt I had no other choice because I’ve had irregular periods since I was 20. I’m now 32 and I’ve always been overweight. I really have not known how to eat right, and at 250 lbs I had to do something or else I’m heading for Type 2 Diabetes. It’s serious and scary. I’ve had acid reflux, heel pain, irregular periods, and basically I’m a sugar addict. I have also had a hard time dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.

This program has taught me how to eat and helped me get off medication. I’ve lost more than 2 sizes. My liver is feeling better, which was confirmed by my acupuncturist. I’ve been sleeping so much better at night and not as depressed. I feel even hopeful. I was on Metformin for PCOS, which I’ve stopped taking since starting my program, and I got my period this morning for the second month in a row! Sometimes I’d gone for years without getting my period, so this is incredible. 

“I was diagnosed with PCOS three and a half years ago -- good news for me, since it explained all the frustrating symptoms that I had been experiencing for years! I had horrible cystic acne that kept getting worse no matter what I did. I couldn’t seem to lose the 5-10 lbs of weight after my last pregnancy. My periods were always irregular and I had strong pelvic pain in my left abdomen. I felt trapped because every book I read said that there was no cure for PCOS and that other than taking strong medications certain symptoms would not be relieved.

“In Monthly FLO, I surprised myself by not only meeting all the goals that I wanted to achieve, but also accomplishing things I never expected. My skin cleared up, my ovarian pain diminished, I lost the rest of my baby weight, and most importantly I found an amazing sense of peace in my life overall – peace with body image, having another child, my work. My sexual relationship with husband has blossomed. I feel more productive in my life – even in everyday chores. Life is more fun! I am completely letting go and couldn’t feel more free and light about doing so!” 


“I was hooked on birth control. I was on it from 17 to 24, and it was giving me emotional ups and downs and making me crazy. I didn’t know myself. I tried to go off and my face exploded. So, I went right back on it. I came to FLO Living looking to come off birth control without my face breaking out. 

I think if I could go back and tell myself anything it would be to do this program 7 years ago instead of hiding and medicating the problem using birth control. I would have done it earlier. I would have rather learned this in high school. I could have gone through college more comfortable with myself and more in touch with myself.

It worked completely. I dropped the NuvaRing. I quit and my skin stayed completely clear. More people said my face looked good then than did during the whole 14 years I was on birth control. Then my husband and I decided we did want to start a family and I’m pregnant! I’m 16 weeks!

Flo Living was my birth control rehab. The functional nutrition is awesome. The food is amazing. But, it was all the emotional changes and all the “you don’t have to be perfect” and “you just do it because that’s what you want to do” stuff that was so good for me. I feel like I like myself the most for the first time ever.



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